We cooperate with sports clubs.

We are a Czech company producing sports board games. After receiving positive feedback on the Czech market, we are going global.

MIDU® Games is also played by our legendary Czech goalkeeper Petr Čech.

Dou you want to have your own club’s board game?

What are we offering? By producing the customized game, we are helping to connect clubs with their fans and partners.

Thanks to our experience, we are offering free-and-easy way to your own game – everything will be taken care of for you! Moreover, the game is linked to a mobile app. We connect not only fans with the club, but also the digital world with the physical one.

Mobile app to the games

The key part of the MIDU board games. The app is for free and ad-free.




questions of 1 club

(Topics: History, Achievements, Players, Transfer market, Interesting facts, Club symbols, and many others)

5 000+


8 reasons

to be excited about having your own game

New generations of fans

The combination of a board game with an app with club content will appeal to young fans

Original product

A new, unseen product designed especially for your club

Fan support

Building and strengthening a relationship with club fans


Club colors, jerseys, logo on the box and game board, club questions in the mobile app


Product exclusively for the club – only the club decides who can sell the game

Unique gift

A suitable gift for important players and fans, employees etc., or at Christmas, for partners.


High margin if the club sells alone or in its own fanshop

Marketing tool

Competitions, social networks, photos with players, win in the half-time program, etc.

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