We create original and completely unique tailor-made games for companies, projects or celebrities. There are no limits to your imagination, you can have your own game in any industry. The more specific the topic, the greater the challenge for us. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to come up with something for you.

Selection of created games


Bitcoin channel

Objective: Cryptocurrency duel for dominance in the imaginary country of Fiatlandia. Education about Bitcoin and the functioning of the cryptote market.

Use of the game: A game for “Kicom”, the most famous Czech influencer in the field of cryptocurrencies. The game is available on his e-shop.


Botanical Garden Prague

Objective: The game with a double-sided board contains exactly 2 different games. The main goal (for older players) is, for example by answering questions, to get rare plants into your greenhouse and save them from death. The goal of the second game (for smaller players) is to walk the path with various plants and traps to the goal. The main goal of both games is mainly education about flora.

Use of the game: Gifts for employees and partners, sale directly in the Botanical Garden.


Objective: To go through the entire production process of individual products and at the same time fulfill all the tasks that occur during the trip.

Use of the game: The game was created in 3 language versions. In the form of this game, the future of the company will be presented to all employees of the Continental branch of Continental.



Objective: A fun party game in which you need to guess to get specific types of the most famous world shows.

Use of the game: The game is a key part of the Christmas campaign to acquire new Telly customers.



Objective: Take interesting photos using your knowledge (questions), experience and using the right light.

Use of the game: Christmas present for employees and business partners. The game can also be purchased at Foto Škoda branches.

Why have your own game


Production completely in the Czech Republic with emphasis on the principles of ecology and sustainability.


Design and principles of the game according to the visual identity and activities of the company.


Every game is tailor-made. The concept of the game is always completely exclusive only for the purposes of your company.


Realization of own original game from 500 pieces.


Presenting the company’s activities in an entertaining way strengthens the brand and its perception of the environment.


A unique product that is a great and valued gift for partners, employees or clients.


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